Friday, May 17, 2013

Tuesday's Photos on Friday

My computer problems are solved and I have a lightning fast, connected computer with Microsoft Office and it damn near killed me. Enough on that.

So back to my first day of travels... I figure I have the photos so I might as well use them.

Here goes:

Ok. it's Tuesday and I'm leaving NYC. This is one block from my house, and I hear at least one blast every day. My mantra is I want to live long enough to have one ride on this subway.

This is on Route 80 where I was bumper to bumper going back two miles... these signs were counting down as we crawled along.
Almost there... I get to see the so-called Traffic Emergency... which turned out to be a big nothing of traffic cones blocking one lane
This is the scenic overlook right by the Delaware Water Gap. I stopped here In January and it was way more scenic without all the leaves blocking the view, but people were having a picnic. Maybe next trip I'll have a picnic here too.

Ever since Mark Sanford "hiking the Appalachian Trail" when he was boffing his Argentienean, I laugh every time I hear the Trail mentioned. Plus I'm fascinated by the little pictogram of the hikers. They seem awfully weighted down with their backpacks.

Then I stopped to do some fly fishing with this man and his dog. Ok, I'm lying. This was the back of an RV ahead of me and I wanted to see if I could make it look like a real scene.

This is the Delaware River and the Delaware Water Gap. I'm not sure what the Delaware Water Gap is.

Heading West, out of New Jersey, past the Delaware Water Gap, into Pennsylvania

This is a regional 7-11 type chain, and I just love the name.

WaWa has nice landscaping. Loved this little tree.

I had to sneak in at least one road picture.

This is the lightswitch in my bathroom. It's always my first stop when I come in the room and I somehow got the light on without really looking at it and I'm (ahem) sitting there and all of a sudden the room goes dark. So this is a timer... I guess to save electricity.

This is the lovely view of the lovely pool from my lovely room,, but it was drizzing rain, but I might have had a nice view.

My $65 room.

And now it's Wednesday and I stopped for lunch at a Wendy's and this doesn't really capture it, but it was so peaceful, out in farm country.  I went through drive-thru and then sat in my car with the windows open and ate and read my book.

Approaching Columbus, headed to Cincinnati.



Barbara said...

I realized I did not know what it was either, so I looked up The Delaware Water Gap on Wikipedia. Basic definition: A water gap is a geological feature where a river cuts through a mountain ridge. Interesting geological formation!

Melissa said...

that tree in Wawa.... That's a weeping redbud, I think! A relatively new variety..I have one in my yard. Did nt know they had them so far north! Nice room for $65. Not much different looking than my 385 CHF room in Geneva! Rainy and cold here... maybe some sun tomorrow!