Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things I've Never Done

Michael Moore ‏Tweeted this today which got me thinking:
Things I've never done: Skydiving, eaten lamb, worn loafers, sewn, laid linoleum, had a manicure, met Obama, voted for a Republican.

So let's look at his first and I'll reply.  No, I have never gone skydiving and never, even when I was young, had a desire to.

Yes, I've eaten lamb and enjoy it. As a young girl, I was always fascinated with mint jelly and didn't quite get why it didn't work on a peanut butter sandwich.

I spent the majority of my junior high and high school years in loafers.

Of course, I've sewn, having been a victim of the now ancient "Home Economics" where we learned to sew and had to make a skirt and then wear it to school for "skirt day" -- it was pitiful, and after the one wearing, my was thrown away. I used to mend stuff, but now rarely do so.

I have not laid linoleum, but I have done some limited tile work.

I have dozens of manicures, and pedicures, and parafin manicures, and spa pedicures and any and all mani/pedi known to humankind.

Never met Obama, but I did see Bill Clinton once.

I cast one vote for a Republican  in my life, and that's when I voted the first time for Rudy Guiliani for mayor. Can't believe it now that I did that, but he was actually a good mayor at first. I was saying to someone just the other day that during 9/11 and the days that followed, he was actually a comforting presence until he got weird and took a real hard turn to the right.

Michael Moore listed eight things he's never done and so I'll try for eight myself.

I have never eaten trout.
I have never run in a marathon. (Hey, that's a big surprise to all, right?)
I have never been arrested.
I have never been to South America. (yes to Asia, Africa, Europe)
I have never been married.
Hmmmm... this is harder than I thought.
I have never driven cross country -- I've been a passenger as a child cross country, but never actually driven.
I have never been on television. (Radio, yes)
I have never had stitches anywhere but my mouth.

Ok, someone add something to their own list.


Anonymous said...

I have never eaten venison, duck or rabbit...nor do I ever intend to.
I have never driven a motircycle or ridden on the back of one.
I have never been to a professional hockey, football,basketball game or a golf tournament.
I have never been to most of the states with the exception of 5.
I have never taken a train ride except the N.Y.C. subway.
I have never swam across the ocean to the other side..ha, ha!
I have never been to the moon.
I have never been pregnant.

Mary Mc said...

Ok here are mine
I have never danced the tango
I have never made baked Alaska
I have never won a radio quiz
I have never been naked outdoors
I have never been scuba diving
I have never acted on stage
I have never taken a long bike trip
I have never made pottery

Melissa said...

I have never jumped out of an airplane (but I have gotten out of one when I was afraid :).
I have never been published
I have never participated in a triathlon
I have never gone mountain climbing
I have never sang karaoke
I have never served in the armed forces
I have never been to Asia
I have never gone cross country skiing
I have never stayed in a hostel
I have never been to the Olympics

Pat said...

Yes, but Melissa has a harrowing story of hiking in and out of the Grand Canyon in one day and it damn near killed her. Rather than "in and out" I should say "down and back up." So that's something I've never done, and never will do!

Anonymous said...

I have learned that one must check their spelling before publishing comments. I do know how to spell motorcycle. I also forgot to sign my name. Stephanie

Amy Laboda said...

I've never birthed a male child (or raised one)
I've never been to Singapore
I've never flown in (or flown) a balloon
I've never flown in (or flown) a Zeppelin
I've never eaten termites (or scorpions, even when candied)
I've never drunk bourbon (or rye)
I've never won a prize for writing
I've never written a novel