Saturday, February 11, 2012

Non-Stop News

First, I have to say how very sad Houston Whitney's death is. I still remember her remarkable performance singing the National Anthem whatever year that was at Super Bowl -- being blown away by her voice and how incredibly beautiful she was that day.

But now, the cable news stations have kicked in with their idiotic prattling -- made worse by the available so-called experts called suddenly in to give ridiculous commentary. One self-proclaimed "popular culture expert" just said that Whitney's death is a "travesty." No it isn't. He needs to check that word in a dictionary. Another guy said, "I'm still shocked by the news." Really? They don't even know the cause of death yet; the news has been public for one hour now, and you're "still" shocked?? Within an hour, we'll be hearing about how we all need to start "healing."

And the thing I hate the most is the robotic building of memorials. Let's lash those teddy bears to the chain link fences, bring flowers, candles and photos with handwritten notes. It's like we don't know how to grieve so we repetitively mimic what we see on television. Maybe it makes people feel better to lash a teddy bear to a fence, but I don't get it. Within the hour, there will be candles burning on the sidewalk outside the Beverly Hils Hotel.

I gotta turn off the TV. The idiotic news anchor just asked another "pop culture expert:" Do you think Whitney Houston will be remembered for her voice?

Hmmmm... Yeah, I think so.


Mary Mc said...

I turned it off too. They really shouldn't try to do an hour or two of coverage as soon as they get the news. After reporting what they know, they have to try to fill air time with all those commentators you talk about. I heard someone ask Simon Cowell about her and he asked "was she the greatest singer of all time?". What a stupid question. Then he said something like "Simon, you didn't know Whitney, but....". So why are they interviewing him? He was the one they could get on the phone. This should be the time the media shines but it never is.

Melissa said...

Mary, you are so right! And because it was a Saturday (ie. Slow news day), it was especially over the top. It will go on at least through Sunday.. After that, back to politics :).

It's very sad, as she was an amazing singer..... "I will always love you" was as amazing as the super bowl performance!