Friday, February 17, 2012

Almost Home

I could have made it home today, but I like this stop in Allentown, PA, which is about two hours (tops) from NYC. I have a Red Roof Inn which I stay in which is cheap, but really clean and nice -- well "nice" is a relative term. I'm lying on the bed, watching a flat screen TV that has HBO so what more could a girl want? The place is clean and appears safe so it's a good stop.

Of course, today was not without incident. I was about 15 miles from the hotel... Had about 7 miles to an exit, then 8 miles on another highway where the hotel is literally at the end of the exit ramp. I see this sign that says, "Road closed; all traffic must exit at next exit" and I'm so good at being the Queen of Denial that I thought... oh, it's a mistake; they don't mean THIS road; they don't mean now. Ignore the sign. Then, of course, I go a little more distance and traffic is stopped. Yes, it was this road; it was now and traffic was being rerouted off of the main highway, all of it.

The good thing was the detour exit was actually my exit which was a small blessing because if it had been the next one up I would have no idea how to get to the hotel.

So, of course, traffic crawled and crawled -- I would say it added about 90 minutes, but I made it. The hotel clerk asked if I got stuck in it, and when I said yes, she apologized for it which was sort of odd but appreciated.

Home tomorrow.

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