Saturday, April 23, 2011

My New Job: A Cat Publicity Agent

It's not that I don't like cats -- we had cats growing up, but they were wild cats, stayed outside, but my sister and I would play with them, put doll clothes on them, etc.  I would definitely be willing to babysit a cat if someone was traveling. There used to be a cat named Leo who lived a few buildings over and the owner would let him outside and when I'd be out in my garden, Leo would come over to visit, and I would enjoy his company and found myself talking to him, asking him questions. So I can see how it happens.

One day I was working at my desk, wearing shorts, and had my garden door open (prior to getting a screen door) and was paying no attention and felt this fur object rubbing against my legs. I must have elevated two feet off the seat, but it was just Leo.

So now Barbara has sent her offering for the Kitty Beauty Contest with this explanation:

Yeah yeah -- I know what you are thinking, another cute cat picture coming your way, uh oh! What have you started?

I love Mary's cat and I think Fran's cats are exquisite, but of course I think MY cats are the best and deserve recognition too! A.J. is the grey & white one -- he's 10 years old and loves being older brother, we call him "A.J. the Good." Bean is the cute orange one -- 1 1/2 years old -- aka "The Beanster."


Mary Mc said...

I'm a sucker for pictures of cats playing/being together. Please think they're antisocial, but I think cats are just selective about their companions. Barbara's cats are adorabe.

Anonymous said...

Okay Pat, you asked for it. Unfortunately, I don't know how to send pictures through the internet but next dinner at Maz, I will present you with a picture of Macho to be immortalized on your blog. He had his 11th birthday April 20. How about dinner next Sunday? Stephanie

Melissa said...

All of this 'cat talk' makes me wish I could retire so I could have a companion (one that would purr when I pet him :)). But would hate leaving it for business traveling... And I don't live close enough to you... Too bad... We could have joint custody of a sweet kitty... Who could compete in the photo contest:).