Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mail I Dread

For the first few years I was self-employed, I would panic when I got something from the IRS, or New York State or New York City tax departments. I always thought the letter would bring bad news about audits or that I owed some incredible amount of money, despite my using an excellent CPA to prepare my taxes.

Today I got a letter from New York State and I calmly opened it, thinking it was something about estimated taxes. It was something different and as I read it, I realized that I was getting a check -- for $400 which was attached to one of the pages. I believe what it was for was my paying too much estimated taxes for what I earned last year and I just apply the overpayment toward the next tax year. I think what this letter was saying is that I still overpaid. I'm sure my accountant would shudder reading this explanation -- but what the heck... I love found money!

These days I realize that although my pulse does not quicken at the site of a tax-related envelope, it does quicken at the sight of something from my health insurance other than the envelope I recognize as my monthly bill. Who knows what they have up their sleeves?


Mary Mc said...

that's great, there's nothing better than found money!

Anonymous said...



Melissa said...

Buy yourself a present! You deserve it!

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