Friday, April 29, 2011

How good is your imagination?

Lachlan has sent me some photos of James' and her trip to the Florida Keys. Today's email was about their time in Key West. I have tried every which way, using every trick I know, to download and then upload these photos, with no success.

So I'm going to cut and paste a portion of Lachlan's email and you'll have to imagine what the photo looks like. In case  you don't know, every day in Key West, there is a celebration where everyone gets together to watch the sunset.

Ready to imagine?

Ole' Lachlan didn't catch a' thing fish-wise while here besides catching on camera some amazing coral reef critters with a disposable waterproof camera that I'll get the film developed from when we get back home (pic of me heading out to reef on sailboat this morning) but James is catching a lot of cool fish including barracuda, wowza!

Last night we had a blast experiencing Key West goings'-on with heading over to the Sunset Celebration watching various street performers perform while the sun set behind them (pic of James there) then walked down further into the historic district where we happened upon the hilarious, but they're serious about it, Conch Republic Parade where we were thrown purple beads and finally ended up at a highly-recommended restaurant, Blue Heaven which was fun, funky and food-tastic....I had pork tenderloin medallions set upon softened sweet potatoes and drizzled with a curry sauce, yum! James had a Jamacian jerked-sauce chicken dish which was lovely as well (Pic of us there at table w shiny faces due to it was quite warm last night) and a fun way to celebrate his birthday while down here! Kinda' fun to celebrate my B-Day in Hawaii w a luau and James' B-Day Key West-in.

Maybe Lachlan can resend the photos when she gets home.

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