Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three Cheap Thrills

1. There is nothing more wonderful than a many-times-washed, button missing, loose fitting flannel nightgown. I had changed out my summer for winter clothes and put on my first flannel nightgown of the season and forgot how an item of clothing can just make you feel safe and secure.

2. When I'm in a hotel and am changing the alarm clock, I love when I get to awaken later than the last guy. Often, I'm setting the clock for 8 am, and moving it from 5 am or earlier. I'm always grateful I can sleep longer.

3. I was decluttering today -- two catch all drawers in a sideboard -- and it always take a shorter amount of time than I think... oh, let's say 30 minutes in reality vs "all afternoon" estimate in my head. So the cheap thrill is admiring my decluttered drawers, medicine cabinet, closet or whatever. My own work makes me beam.

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