Friday, July 30, 2010

Wisconsin's Giant Mosquitos

The mosquitos have been bad this year -- day and night. Yesterday, I was having a meeting with three other people -- folding chairs pushed in a little circle on the grass. One of the people mentioned how bad the mosquitos were, and another fellow pulled out a pack of baby wipe-style cloths that had insect repellent. We all took one and were wiping our faces and arms and I said if anyone is looking at us, we must look like a weird religious sect that does some sort of cleansing ceremony prior to the meeting.

Today I took my whole bottle of Bactine with me. When I was packing to come here, I threw it in at the last minute because I remember a year where I got bitten between the toes and was nearly driven mad by the itching trying to go to sleep that night and not having anything to put on the bites. So all day when someone I was talking to was itching uncomfortably, I would whip out my Bactine. They were so grateful. I felt like Florence Nightengale on the battlefield. I saw some butt ugly bites today... Men's white ankles under their socks with big red bites.

I advised that the Bactine takes about three minutes to take effect, but it will stop the itching. Just getting out of my car this afternoon to come back to the hotel, I got bitten on the face and neck so it's my turn for the Bactine.

I'm off tomorrow heading East. Have to check Google maps and find a hotel to stay in. Homeward bound.

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stefortiz said...

Hurry home! Maz is waiting!