Saturday, July 24, 2010

Historical Ohio/Sunny Indiana

Move my car on the map from Pennsylvania, clear through Ohio, and halfway through Indiana.


T-shirt that made me smile: "I don't have ADD. It's just that I... Oh look, a Squirrel!"

Most disturbing sight: An Amish man drinking a cup of Starbucks. I'm thinking maybe he was Mennonite, or maybe he was an Orthodox Jew. A friend of mine who is/was an Orthodox Jew told me that outside of New York, people ask him if he's Amish, but I don't think Orthodox Jews wear big brimmed straw hats. When I saw this man today, I thought of that John Mellencamp lyric, "Ain't that America?"

Wisest for me to avoid (and I did, but was tempted): A farm stand labeled "Homemade Amish Bakery"

Tourist Site easy to Avoid: The Little League Museum. Jingoism meets prepubescent testosterone.

Presidential Sites Signage I passed: the William McKinley National Monument -- check the photo to see what I missed. He and his wife are buried there. Also in Ohio: The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. It made me realize that I know nothing about him, and started thinking I believe he was president in the 1870s and his wife's name was Lucy. Just googled her, and she's an interesting character. She was the first First Lady to be a college graduate. Wikipedia says his presidency was "uneventful."

Also in Ohio: Thomas Edison's birthplace.

Welcome Sign: I sort of get a kick out of the billboards that welcome you to a particular state -- and Indiana's calls itself "the crossroads of America." No, it isn't. Isn't Times Square the crossroads of the world?

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