Thursday, July 29, 2010

More from Oshkosh

Just back in my hotel room, zooming through email before I meet a colleague for dinner. I don't normally go for cutesy signature lines, but this one did make me smile as it seems as if every meeting I've had here, I'm the only one without an iPad.

Sent from my PC, although I really want an iPad

My friend and I did celebrate Bratfest 2010 at Mr. Cinders. Both of us confessed it was the highlight of this event for us, which says how burned out we are.

Back in New York, my friend Stephanie and I pay homage to her cardiologist each time she salts the nacho chips when we go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Today my friend and I didn't have the bacon wrapped tenderloin (keeping cardiologists in business for years to come), but we did have our yearly bratwurst. When I pulled back the bun of mine to apply the mustard, I see that at Mr. Cinders, bratswurst is served with a big helping of butter, melting down the bratwurst. Hard to imagine, really, but it is. A Manhattan cardiologist would get his own chest pains over that one.


stefortiz said...

Thanks for honorable mention. I hope that Dr. Weiss does not read your blog! Hopefully you two are not having an affair behind my back....he is very handsome

Anonymous said...

iPad insiders say wait. Version 2 will lose a little weight and gain a bunch of memory (thus capability). We second generation adapters will be happy, AGAIN, to have waited.
That said, I had some iPad envy going, too. Wish I'd known you had that Bactrin.