Monday, May 22, 2017

Trying (successfully) to make me jealous

Those two mean girls, Fran and Mary, felt obliged to make me jealous by bragging about their beauty routine followed by Red Lobster. God, do I want a lobster taco!

Fran says:

Not only are we beautiful with plucked eyebrows lips and chins, but we are at Red Lobster. I'm now trying to snatch a  warm cheddar biscuit from Mary, who obviously plans to eat all of them before her lobster taco lunch..


Mary Mccomb said...

They didn't have any lobster tacos 😟. I got crabmeat Alfredo. Lots of biscuits though

Pat said...

Anything lobster, crab o shrimp is OK by me. Pass the cheese biscuits!