Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day Two - Florence, SC

Much easier day... only two predicaments with the car ... first one is when you shut it off, the two side mirrors automatically turn in. I had previously adjusted them so I know how to do it but that was doing nothing... finally I accidentallyfound a button that "unlocked" the mirrors for adjustment. Then when I put gas in the car, I knew it didn't have a locked gas tank, and when you press down on the little door it opens and there's no gas cap and I thought... this is great, but the damn gas would not go in and I didn't know if it was the car or the pump and I always feel I'm the only person on Planet Earth who is having trouble at a self-serve pump and again, just by accident, I found this little button near where you put the pump in that somehow allows the gas in so I did it.

Beautiful sunny day the whole way, some wildflowers growing, lots of flowering trees, only one major construction back up about 10 minutes from the hotel... it was bridge construction so three lanes narrowed to one and then all this construction and when I mentioned it in passing when I checked in the woman had no idea what I was talking about which reminds me of how many times locals can't give directions and/or are oblivious to something in their immediate surroundings.

Just reread that paragraph and I do sound like a crabby old lady, but it's true... come on, now... how many times have you asked for local directions and the person had no idea?

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Barbara said...

You're right about the locals who work in the motels being clueless! (They also never know where any restaurant is except McDonald's.) Glad you are having a good trip so far...