Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day One -- Richmond VA

So my trip was not off to a fun start. Spring temps in NY. Marilyn came to help load the car (Ok, "help" is not quite accurate; she packed while I directed); the rental car guy Martin was really nice. Got one of those fancy modern touch screnn cars and I got all buckled in, adjusted the mirrors, and reached for an invisible gear shift... it's all touch screen and I felt like a fool.. oh yeah, trust me with this fancy car that I can't even figure out how to put in DRIVE. My mother always used to say at the beginning of a trip "Off we go like a herd of turtles" and that was me.

Figured out the car for the most part... why the hell can't you just turn on an airconditioner? This one was touch screen, but I've said that and just too  many choices of temp, speed, direction, blah blah. But I hit a brick wall (not literally) when it came time to eject the first CD out of my book on CD. Got to the CD portion of the touchscreen and nothing... kept pressing everything to no avail and I gave up.

After a while when my choices were local yokel Rush Limbaugh wannebees or Christian broadcasting I thought I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT so I could get back to my book.

Turns out the eject button is actually one of the radio I felt triumphant. It reminded me of figuring out something on the computer -- where you've tried every obvious, logical thing to no avail so you do un-obvious, illogical things and one of them works.

Terrible storms, deluge of rain, bumper to bumper for miles... and then my reward was a spectacular huge rainbow. Since it was still raining and people were zoomiing by at 8o mph, I didn't want to risk photographing it... so I'll hold the memory in my head instead.

All is well, safe and sound.

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