Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 3 - My horrible, terrible, no good and whatever else day

I'm OK, the car is OK and I think I got up on the right side of the bed this morning, but evidently that's where it ended.

I got ready to go, looked at email, had a client email to call him and I wanted to get on my way so I packed up the car and then sat there still in my parking space and thought I don't want to drive and talk and so I'll call him now. Which I did. Put the phone down, got on my way, decided to call my landline voice mail and then stopped because the speed limit is 70 mph on I95 and people are zooming by and I want to concentrate on driving.

Later when I reached for something on the passenger seat, I heard a thud and realized my phone had fallen off the seat -- or so I thought.

Stopped for gas and couldn't find the phone on the floor... kept going and then when I stopped to use the restroom, I went around to the passenger side, thinking the phone had fallen between the seat and the passenger door, but no. I looked under the seat, in the back, etc. Gave up.

Stopped again later and did a more thorough search...lifted the carpet... nothing. I decided when I got to the hotel I'd ask if a maintenance man could go look for me. Which I did.

This guy was really nice, spent about 20 minutes looking while I sat in the lobby. I knew the longer the time went, the unlikelier it is that the phone was there. The front desk woman said she lost her phone in her car and her 4-year old found it by accident a week later so she went out and looked too. Nothing

The maintenance man then called my phone and said since it went to voice mail that it meant it was turned on. So he went back to the car and called again. Nothing.

I know the phone was in the car. I know I didn't take it into a restaurant, restroom, etc. It disappeared.

At this point, all I can think is that I had a fast food bag that had a hamburger box and a french fry box, no cup, maybe some napkins which I threw away at the gas station and maybe the phone fell in there and I threw the bag away. It seems so unlikely to me since I think I would have felt the weight of the bag and it also means that the phone somehow got put in that bag (which was leftover from yesterday, not even today's).

I am really discouraged about this.

But wait, there's more.

So I use the hotel room phone to call my landline and I have three messages from my cleaning woman to call her. Turns out I had asked Marilyn to be sure to lock my door (she had packed the car for me and went back inside) and she locked the deadbolt and Ana's key wouldn't work.

I called Ana and then called Marilyn asking her if she would go unlock the deadbolt.  And then tell me and I'll tell Ana.

But wait, there's more.

The phone call was from an ad agency I do some work with and they asked me to arrange a press conf at two big air shows. I wrote the Oshkosh one only to get a sort of impatient response that I'm the second person to ask him about this today and who's in charge? It made me look stupid. And my guy who asked me to do it had no idea so he was blindsided too.
But wait, there's more.

After telling myself it's "just things" I see a menu slid under my door. So I go get it, order a pizza and two cans of soda. It arrives in an OK time. I open the bag which I think is the soda and see there's garlic bread.. oh does that come with pizza? Then I take out a salad...oh does that come with pizza?
And then I see a foil dish of some kind of pasta, and I knew that didn't come with pizza and there's no soda. There's still a pizza box which I didn't look at and I called the place back and they were all apologetic and said they'd come back. Well they did, 20 minutes later and I just wanted to make the most of it... but by this time the pizza was cold... well, it wasn't hot and I ate one piece and that's allI wanted.

I arrive at my destination tomorrow. I have to say I have done this all but it is difficult sometimes to walk with the cane and pull a suitcase etc etc but I've done it so shouldn't I be getting a break somewhere about now?

Please send some positive vibes my way.


Barbara said...

It does indeed sound like a horrible day - I am glad that it is over for you! (If it were me I would have had 2 glasses of chianti with that slice of pizza.)

Sending you good thoughts for tomorrow and that everything will be sunny and easy when you get there.

Barbara said...

By the way the same thing happened to me a few months ago with my flip-phone falling off the passenger seat while driving. Could not find it that night in the dark, but did find it the next morning when I had calmed down and it was daylight.

Pat said...

I have heard some intersting stories about lost phones. I think I waited too long to pray to St. Anthony. I need a miracle.