Saturday, April 26, 2014


No physical therapy today, but I did start the day well with a shower. Stancie and Karen have gifted me with very fancy L'Occitaine shower gel and creams and I have to laugh sitting on a shower chair in the most instituional setting you can get and using fancy shower gel. As Melissa pointed out, "You may not be in a spa, but you can damn well smell like you are."

Got a bunch of phone calls today, did some work-work and then my sister and her family came to visit which was nice. They snuck in a contraband BLT which -- homemade even -- and it was wonderful. Realized it was the first homemade food I'd had in weeks, and there's something to say about food made with love. It tastes different.

Phil Scott is coming tomorrow so I do keep busy on the weekends. It's funny that the day actually goes by fast which you wouldn't think would be the case.

Still cold and rainy here, but spring is coming I hear.

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