Monday, April 28, 2014

Patience, please

I know all of you want me home as much as I want to be home and I am very conflicted over knowing with absolute certainty that I am making progress and wanting to play that out to wanting like hell to get home and have my longed-for egg drop soup.

I told the occupational therapist that she was working me like a rented mule today -- did this machine where you sit and pull a bar with two hands, sort of like rowing, and as you pull back, it pulls up weights. Three rounds of 50 each. Then she adjusts the bar to somehting different, then again so that my elbows are out by my ears and straight out -- that's the hardest -- same thing -- then she'll say, "do 50 more"

then I worked the same deal with hand weights -- 4 pound weights -- doing various things.

My big accomplishment today was transitioning from the hospital style walker to the go-home style "rolling walker".

this is what I have been using:

This is what I used today -- and this is what I go home with (as a prescription so insurance pays) -- mine doesn't have a basket, but I learned how to use the brakes, how to lock it up, tried the seat which I was a bit apprehensive about but it's very sturdy -- getting up and down, etc. So this is another step (literally) home.

The respiratory guys let me do my own nebulizer treatment now -- which means twisting the plastic end off this plastic testtube like thing and pouring the medicine in -- and Singh, my aide, is so far letting me take a shower every day -- have had a shower three days in a row and I am grateful. Actually I don't need help- -- she just has to make sure that one of two shower stalls is free and i do the rest. Meanwhile she re-does my bed and stuff and lays out clothes so we work together well. I really appreciate the daily shower.

Anyway, be patient. I am getting home one of these days -- am getting closer each day.


Melissa said...

Very patient! Would rather you be very confident before you go home. I don't want you to be nervous or uncertain :).

Anonymous said...

I am just so happy to be reading your blog again.