Monday, April 28, 2014

Outside Food

To answer Melissa's question: No, you are not allowed outside food and they do check bags. On Saturday, my family brought me a homemade BLT which was heaven and they put it in my youngest niece's backpack thinking they wouldn't check a kid, but they did. She opened the section where the sandwich wasn't and then the guard told her to open the pocket where the sandwich was -- and quick thinking girl -- it must be the Luebke blood -- pretended that the zipper was stuck and she "struggled" to open it and the guard just waved them on.

On one hand, I felt sort of bad she was lying and smuggling on my behalf, but I was also proud of her  for being so clever. I have to say she has a very innocent, sweet face so she was able to get away with it.

What's crazy is that Phil Scott tried to bring me two bananas on Sunday which I would have loved to have had with cereal, but they confiscated them. What's stupid is that I am on potassium pills because some drug I'm taking depletes potassium and I sure would rather get my potassium from a banana than from a pill.

I am on no special diet, and I would gladly have my outside food "approved" -- it's not like I'm ordering in pizza or something but that's the institution. One time the guard told a friend that it's not that I can't have it, but the other residents would be jealous --- yeah, as if I'm going to wave my BLT in their face and say "I got something you don't have...."

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