Sunday, January 22, 2012

I know how this guy feels....

Ahh, I have found someone crabbier than I am. I feel his pain.

Here are my mini-complaints for Sunday:

I was awakened this morning by a phone call which turned out to be "Eastern Research" wanting me to participate in a survey. Click. Back to sleep.

I subscribe to Money magazine, with a subscription purchased by leftover Continental Airlines flyer miles which I don't fly any more, but don't have enough to do anything with, other than buy magazine subscriptions. So I got a notice to renew from Money and couldn't quite decide if I wanted it or not... so I decided to see what the offer is -- I wanted the magazine $15 worth, but probably not $25 worth. On the renewal notice, I see that my subscription expires in July 2013. Really? I need to resubscribe now? Decision tabled. 

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Melissa said...

Ah, that exact thing happened to me today... Only it was Time magazine, to which I subscribe... The pitch was, 'save a tree' and sign up for auto renewal... Sub expires 2/2013... I wanted to write back and say..."Save trees and wait until Nov or Dec to ask me to renew and we could save time, trees, and you coul lower my sub rate by saving all those renewal mailings I will get for the next ten months!"