Monday, July 4, 2011

Save Your Money, says Mary

A thunderstorm knocked out Mary's power for a while, back on, then back off, now back on, thankfully. Anyway, she went to a movie, and here's her warning.... I agree with her motivation for going, but even the previews I've seen on TV look disjointed.

Just saw Larry Crowne, with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. The reviews I guess have been bad but I like both actors and saw them on Letterman where I thought they were so fun together, so I figured I'd ignore the reviews (especially when my power went out again this morning- a movie seemed like a good idea). Well, it's a terrible movie. I don't even recommend it for Netflix. It's contrived, without any endearing moments. The story is Larry loses his job because he doesn't have a degree (even that wasn't believable - star employee at UMart and they fire him after a few years because he doesn't have a degree? doesn't make sense) so he goes to a community college and takes a speech class taught by Mercedes (Julia) - who is so crabby that even someone like me who is sick of her job and started out rooting for her, got tired of her quickly. And her problem with her husband is that he's online looking at porn all the time instead of working on his own writing. Then there's a side story of this young woman Larry meets who remakes him into someone cool, along with her boyfriend and their fellow gang members - a gang of motor scooter riders who like going to yard sales????

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Melissa said...

Huh.....?... You must be kidding! I had not heard of this movie but would have gone to see it just because of Hanks and Roberts! Thanks for the heads up!