Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Five

My hotel is about 16 miles from Oshkosh and this is the basic view for 15-1/2 miles. Divided highway with cornfields on either side... never much traffic. Throw in some barns, cows, tractor supply places and an occasional massive giant huge adult book store, and that's the view. I'm as serious about the adult book stores as I am about the omnipresent corn:

I have no idea how many thousands of acres of corn we grow here, but it is everywhere for miles on both sides of the road.

Speaking of corn, I sought out my little popcorn house, but didn't buy an popcorn tonight. I'm enamored with this little house, fresh out of the 1950s-early 60s which sits in a corner of a restaurant parking lots selling only popcorn. The sign says "crispy popcorn." They appear to have a steady stream of customers.

Last night I had discovered this place called Gilles, which is unself-consciously straight out of 1962 as well, maybe earlier. Complete with carhops. In case you're curious, don't be alarmed by the "badger sundae." Badgers are the mascot of the University of Wisconsin. I used to know what a Dusty Road sundae is -- I'm going to guess it's powdered chocolate and nuts... I'm going to google it and see.

Here's a blog post...

Dusty Road Sundaes!

Dusty road sundaes are the greatest creation ever!! They must be Pennsylvanian because no one I've talked to has has heard of them. They consist of ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and malted milk powder :D It is a fantastic combination that I highly recommend. I prefer mine with soft serve vanilla, or grasshopper pie ice cream (by Hood: mint ice cream with oreos and fudge!!! Wow! Too bad they don't make it anymore :(
It's hard to find malted milk powder in the store and in a desperate moment I ordered some on Amazon. Unfortunately, they are only sold in 4 packs. Seriously. I love dusty roads, but I still only go through about one container a year. So now I have a 3 extra containers of malted milk powder. I will need to increase my ice cream consumption just to eat it all before the expiration date! Dusty roads anyone?

In the comments, people agree they are from Pennsylvania, but then a Wisconsite chimes in with:

No they are not necessarily from Pennsylvania. My parents bought a Star Dairy Ice Cream store in 1950 and one of the Sundays we made was the Dusty Road Sunday, made as described.My Dad first made them working as a Soda Jerk when he was in High School around 1925 in Port Chester New York

So this is an old fasioned drive in with carhops who bring your food on a tray that attaches to your car window. Here are some views from my car:

If you look in the rear view mirror, that's the food tray -- you can see the ketchup for my french fries. I didn't have dessert -- maybe tomorrow I'll check out a dusty road sundae although the malted milk powder doesn't really appeal to me.


Anonymous said...

Put me in for a Dusty road. Maybe when you get back I could come over and we could sit in your yard and order from Nina's and have a dusty road for dessert. This is in anticipation for my upcoming surgery!


Barbara said...

Bob loved these throughout his childhood up in NW Connecticut where they called them "Dusty Millers" -- but he thought they were invented here and were named after a guy named Miller.