Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Sunday

I am concentrating today on small blessings and have gotten two of them. I leave for Oshkosh on Friday and hotel rooms are a big deal, having to make a reservation a year in advance, pay for the whole week in advance, and I have a letter of confirmation for my room, but I called the hotel anyway and their records match my plans so that was one less thing to worry about.

Then I had to print a bunch of stuff, and I have the oldest, crappiest, inkjet printer which I rarely use because I just don't print much stuff, but it has now all accumulated and I had to print about 20 pages, including tax records that I have to supply for my health insurance annually since I have a business policy, not a personal individual one.

Typically I can do one page at a time, the paper jams a few times, then the printer queue gets clogged and I end up wanting to throw the fricking printer against a wall. So I dreaded doing it, but today I did it one sheet at a time -- oh, also after the printer would print one sheet, it typically has to be reset each time so the on/off light isn't blinking, but just a steady light. That process can take several attempts until the printer decides, "OK, I'll do one more, but that paper better be in PERFECT."

Anyway, today the printing gods were on my side -- printed each piece off, didn't have to reset, and I got so confident that I did two pages at a time for the last two. Wow, that was a potentially dangerous move. So I am thankful that what could have been a two-hour nightmare turned into a fairly quick job.

And Fran sent this photo, which I love, and I'd love to meet the kid who drew it -- that is a happy child -- and it matches my mood after I got my printing done:

About this photo, Fran writes: Discovered a shining sun on a Garrison St (Washington DC) sidewalk while on the way to Zumba class

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Melissa said...

It takes so little to make us happy on some days, doesn't it? I'll be hoping for mild weather while you are at OSH!