Monday, November 8, 2010


In case you've missed the trend, Zumba is a combination dance and exercise program that features Latin and international music.

This is Fran's Zumba group (Fran is the pensive one in the gray t-shirt, third from right.)

This photo was taken at DC Dance Collective studio, halfway through a one-hour session. Fran writes, "Elena Menshutkina is the cheerful Zumba instructor. She's in center rear, blonde wearing bandana and pink sleeveless T shirt."

When I said to Fran that this photo reminds me of a Dove commerical with "real women, real bodies," (or whatever that tagline was), she responded, "Re all shapes, sizes: that's what I love about this class as well as all other classes at the school. In general, clientele is 'jus plain folks' and not spa types who wear designer sweats and dance gear (but never sweat through their heavy makeup."


Elena said...

My ladies look like a million dollars!

Melissa said...

Did I tell you my daugher-in-law teaches Zumba in San Marcos TX? She's great and I've been to some of her clases... and Fran is right.. it's just normal gals, and Jenn even has some guys that are her 'regular peeps'. They've got her teaching six days a week now.. I describe it as combination of old time aerobics and belly dancing :).