Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Evening at Maz Mescal

Tonight it was supper at a favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant, named Maz Mezcal. It's where Stephanie and I always go. It's just one street over, and I have this shortcut through a parking garage that has two entrances, one on my street (87th) and one on the next street over (86th Street.) In New York, most streets are one way. Odd numbered streets (like mine -- 87th -- run east to west) and even numbered streets run west to east.

However 86th Street is what's called a crosstown street, so it's a bigger street with two way traffic, hence restaurants, shops, etc. including Maz Mescal, right next to another neighborhood favorite, a Japanese restaurant called Tokubei. You might have heard the expression from that Simon & Garfunkel song which says, "You can take the crosstown bus if it's raining or it's cold..." and you can take the 86th Street crosstown bus too. It goes all the way from the East River, cross town, across Central Park to the West side and the Hudson River.

We always start our meal with a frozen Margarita -- this is more like Margarita snow -- it's more of a solid than a liquid and it's wonderful. If you put the lime deep in the glass, it gets frozen. Neither of us take it with salt. I hate when I've ordered a frozen margarita elsewhere and gotten a margarita with ice cubes in it. Anyway, here's Stephanie about to enjoy her frozen Margarita.

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Anonymous said...

Great company and dinner. I look like I had 1 too many!