Sunday, May 16, 2010

Home Again

I did make an early departure from my Econolodge -- left at 6:45 and did well until entering NJ and it was just such traffic -- had to wait about 30 minutes in a line for gas on the Jersey Turnpike. It was "full-service" pumps and each guy would be handling four pumps at a time so it was slow going.

As I was making my way up my steps, this woman stops me, had never seen her before and she asks me why I'm not wearing one of my pretty dresses. She acts like she knows me. Then she says, "And you always wear the matching socks."

I do not want to ever see the woman she has confused me with.

She then says she wants to ask me something and says, "Do you think Oberlin is on par with Columbia?" and I thought about it and said no, and she was satisfied with that answer.


fran said...

Bentornato a New York City, mia amica.

Mary said...

I think you're wrong about Oberlin. Maybe you'd understand if you were wearing matching socks.