Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Destination: Batavia, Ohio

I made it to Batavia, and I've checked into the hotel and this view from my window is among the worst. I'll stop complaining about views of parking lots! Usually I stay in a Fairfield Inn (Marriott) while I'm here, but they were booked up so I'm in a Comfort Inn which is in the middle of a renovation. My room is OK, really.

The rain continued all day -- sometimes really coming down and it's still cool. As you may have read below, I was expecting to be a bit uplifted by my visit to Shanksville but that was not in the cards.

Tomorrow morning I go in to my client, and Friday, and Saturday they are hosting this big Fly In at their airport.


Fran said...

We're with you all the way -- hope the big Fly In in the sky and overall visit to your client will bring sunshine and make up for Shanksville, the weather and the car rental experience.

la pirata said...

I stayed on the banks of the old ponchatrain last night.