Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Night

Had a relaxing weekend of doing no work-work... just puttered, wrote Christmas cards, wrapped presents, read, watched TV (binge watched The Affair on Showtime... and the finale is tonight so I'll see that live); played computer games, etc. My "Life or Death" book is almost done -- a real page-turner, and I liked this author so much that I went to Amazon and bought another of his books for a penny... don't know how I've missed his books all these years.

One thing I didn't do was bake-- but Mary did... and she reports:

These are from my Barefoot Contessa cookbook and they're called chocolate peanut butter globs.  The house smells so chocolatey!  I'm done for the day but they were fun to make. I might have to make another batch. Or maybe try another recipe.

And provides this photographic evidence:


Melissa said...

I wNt this recipe!

Mary said...

If you Google chocolate peanut butter globs you'll find it, including a video from her show.