Thursday, December 3, 2015


Stephen King: I'm really enjoying his new book of stories. Despite what the reviews say, these stories (and I'm about halfway through) are NOT terrifying... they're more like very light science fiction, stories that make you go Hmmmmmm... For example, there is one story about a man who takes his senile, elderly father to Applebee's once a week for lunch, how his father is out of it, repeating the same stories, sadness of dementia, doesn't remember he always has the same thing, etc. On the way back to the father's facility, they get into a mild car accident which leads to road rage on the part of the other driver... and the senile father gets out of the car and "saves" his son, knocks the crap out of the road rage driver. Saying later to his son something like, "You're my son; I had to protect you."

Christmas traditions: Am having my annual Christmas party/lunch tomorrow with Barbara, all with our little eccentricities and all. Am having lunch next week with a friend where we've had a Christmas lunch for at least 30 years. Not sure what my point is here, but these mean a lot to me.

Game Developer? Anybody know someone who is a game developer? I have an idea for a board game which I would want to play (Hmmm... don't know how much of an endorsement that is!) But I may play a bit with developing it. I know the content; how it works, but I can't figure out how to keep score or determine who wins... will keep thinking.

Hope all of you are enjoying December!

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