Thursday, June 21, 2012

Milo Ignores Me

Milo has never shown any aggression to me; I get an occasional leg rub as he goes by, but basically I don't exist for him. Not Michelle. Where I struggled to get Milo to look at the camera, Michelle had no problem.

Proof herewith:


Anonymous said...

Milo is so handsome. I so miss Macho. He was so sweet and handsome also. Danny and I have hugh holes in our hearts that can never be filled!

Stephanie :-(

Mary Mc said...

I think of you and Macho often Stephanie

Melissa said...

What a pretty pose!!

Barbara said...

Milo is a beautiful cat!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary. I know you know what it feels like.

Love to you and Milo....Stephanie