Monday, June 11, 2012

Stephanie in Florida

You need a bit of patience, scrolling to see all of these. Stephanie sent me prints as she is not quite sure how to upload photos, and then my assistant Marilyn scanned them for me, so here's the best I can do. Five pictures to follow so keep scrolling! But here are the captions:

1. Stephanie welcoming us to her house in Florida.
2. Here's their first car which I assume Stephanie enjoys more than the bus and subway.
3. This is Stephanie's father who is 92 or 93 and lives with Stephanie and her husband. He can be difficult (ahem.) He lived in the same apartment in New York for something like 65 years, but has now found something which gives him pleasure. His one and only enjoyable activity is to go to Walmart and ride around on the electric chair while other shoppers notice his World War II veterans' cap and comment favorably to him.
4. From city cat to suburban poolside cat.
5.. Macho inside resting.



Mary Mc said...

looks like a lovely home, Stephanie! I hope you're as comfortable as macho looks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary. My Dad is 94 and does not like Fla. The picture of Macho is before we redid the pool. Unfortunately, Macho is now in the hospital with kidney failure. We are hoping he will get somewhat better so we can take him home again.