Sunday, March 21, 2010

Signs and Omens

I think I would have made a good cavewoman as I believe in signs and omens.

Last week a friend called who is going through a hard time in different aspects of his life. It's the type of situationw where you can deal with it if it's just one aspect, but not here.

When we hung up, I sat there and thought about him for a few moments and then flipped on the radio and the first thing I heard was "Everything's gonna be alright" over and over. I recognized it as the chorus of that old reggae classic "No Woman No Lie," but sung by someone else.

Turns out it was the Fugees which I can't say I know anything about other than the name. In fact, when I went to iTunes, I initially did a search spelling it Fujis, like the mountain, like the apple.

No go.

Then I tried Fujees, and got back that mild reprimand DID YOU MEAN FUGEES? Well, yes, I suppose I did.

So I emailed him to tell him the omen of hearing the song. He called me this morning to say he's downloaded it and played it 17 times. Since the call this morning, I have had "Everything's gonna be alright" in my head, which is not a bad notion for my brain to be stuck on.

Everything's gonna be alright. Really.

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