Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nightgown RIP

Among my friends, I am somewhat known as a decluttering coach -- helping people get rid of stuff we don't need, no longer use or think we have to hold onto for whatever reason. There's something so liberating about a bunch of shopping bags out the door to the thrift shop or a box of books mailed to a friend.

I enjoy sorting through my things and giving away those I no longer need or use. And yet, every so often I come upon something hard to part with. Such as with my favorite nightgown. This is the one I reach for first in the drawer. It's old, old, old and has been washed so many times that it's gossamer. It's the perfect weight -- light enough to be cool in any season, but heavy enough that you know you're wearing something.

The flowered pattern is so washed out that you really can't even make it out that it's flowers anymore -- just a sort of multi-colored swirl of faded colors. Funny how a nightgown can be a security blanket, the thing you feel safe in, the thing that makes you feel like you're home and all is well in your little world.

I knew the end was near, but the nightgown was still in tact and wearable -- but today, pulling it over my head to take a shower, my thumb went right through the material. That's how thin the material is.

It seems just plain wrong to stuff it in a garbage bag. What's the proper send off for such a thing? I delayed the decision by putting it in the hamper, but I know it's beyond mending, beyond rescue. RIP to my favorite nightgown.

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Amy Laboda said...

Rags. No, seriously--keep the material as soft, lint-free (I mean come on, how much lint could be left in the stuff?) rags for wiping your glasses, computer screen, stuff like that. If it is really that soft it will be serviceable until the last thread disintegrates, and it will give you time to let go, emotionally.