Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dinner with Barbara

This may have been the last event of the Christmas season as Barbara and I had our Christmas December dinner tonight. We went for lobster rolls, and it was a treat. Hadn't had one since Amy and Nancy were here. We exchanged presents-- Barbara gave me two paperweights for my collection and a box of little salted chocolates which she gave me last year and apologized for being unoriginal. Believe me, no apology necessary!

I gave her a big fancy bar of pink peony soap (which she said she'd actually use -- rather than "saving it" which I totally agree with) and a combination scarf and hat which she wore home since the temperatures had dropped.

She regaled me with stories of how beautiful the Second Avenue Subway is -- how clean and full of artwork. Funny to arrive by subway a block from my house.

So Happy New Year to all!

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