Friday, November 25, 2016

Lunch with Barb and PS on Clark

Barbara came over for her birthday lunch/our November lunch and we ordered from this other coffee shop called The Mansion (since it's near the Mayor's residence called Gracie Mansion) and we went for burgers. We splurged 45 cents extra to share waffle fries instead of regular fries. That's how we roll.

She didn't go to Two Little Red Hens for birthday cupcakes because the ATM near there was broken so she went to our other favorite bakery, Glaser's which has been open since 1902 and I swear (no joking) they have not renovated since then. The floors are tiny white tils and the display cases are all wood and the back is open and this old white guy apparently does all the baking on the premises. So she bought us rasberry linzer cookies and little heart cookies and the woman warned her (Barbara thought almost too much so) that the cookies had almond paste (the best part as far as I'm concerned) in case anyone had a nut allergy.

So here they are:

I had to put the leftovers out of reach as I believe in addition to almond paste, they must put a bit of crack in each cookie.

Barbara also questioned why there was no photo of Clark from Thanksgiving which was just a screw up on my part as he was supposed to be part of yesterday. Here's Clark who sat next to me, waited on me, and is as wonderful as ever.

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