Thursday, January 27, 2011

O the Snow, the Beautiful Snow

Yes, here we went again with the snow. Central Park reported 19 inches overnight. Right now this is the #6 in the top 10 snowiest New York Winters. 1995 was the snowiest, and I remember that -- there were a few big storms, but it seemed as if every other day it would snow a few inches.

When I went out today, the sidewalks were clear. New York City is fairly strict that the sidewalks have to be shoveled one hour after the snow stops falling. I saw my super when I went out, and he had four buildings to shovel, was out at 3 am, got no sleep at all last night.

So the sidewalks were clear, but the corners were bad -- icy ramps (how the sidewalk is designed at the corners for wheelchairs) leading to Lake Slushalot. Huge puddles of slush that even young skinny people can't jump over. When the gutters are cleared, it wouldn't be too bad.

Tonight I am grateful that I don't have to shovel a car, I don't have to shovel a building and I have a warm clean bed!

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