Monday, July 22, 2013

Food at Iowa State Fair

I've been to a number of state fairs, none recently, but I do like junky street food. There's used to be at NYC street fairs this London Broil sandwich that was sort of a dressed up Philly Cheesesteak -- with onions, green peppers and disgusting but wonderful orange cheese sauce -- on a great piece of Italian bread.

So snatched from today's headlines, here's a preview of new foods at this year's Iowa State Fair:

• Carmel Apple Funnel Cake at Westmorland Concessions

• Strawberry Funnel Cake at Westmorland Concessions

• Maple Bacon Funnel Cake at The Best Around Concessions

• Jalapeno Cheese Corndog at Campbell’s Concessions

• Fresh Tenderloin Sandwich at Chuckie’s Tenderloins

• Bratwurst on a Pretzel Bun at Arnold’s Concessions

• Cajun Flavored Cheese Curds at Brad and Harry’s Cheese Curds

• Deep Fried Prairie Oysters at Cattleman’s Beef Quarters

• Fresh Wood Oven Pizza at Parlo Pizza

• Graham Champion Fair Square at the northwest corner of the Administration Building

The other eight items to make their debut Aug. 8 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Aug. 8 include shrimp corn dogs, strawberry smoothies, bacon-wrapped riblets, sweet corn corndogs, deep-fried brownies, coconut mountain, rib shack cowboys and soft-salted-chocolate-dipped almond pretzels.

Pat again: I need to know more about coconut mountain -- hope it involves ice cream. Of the others, my top three are:

1. Bratwurst on pretzel roll
2. I might have to go with the sweet corn corndogs
3. (the mysterious) coconut mountain

and the one that I DON'T want to try is the prairie oysters. I am NOT that adventurous.

So I might move coconut mountain into the #2 position. According to what I've just read, it's a fried macaroon and this is what it looks like:

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